How I was Able to Get My Ex Boyfriend Back in 7 Easy Steps

Ok, so as you all know already I was able to get my ex boyfriend back and while I have given some bits and pieces of what I did and didn’t do I wanted to do a post today giving you seven easy steps that anyone can follow which are almost guaranteed to work!

Just keep in mind, if you know exactly what to do you stand a great chance of getting your ex boyfriend back!

Get My Ex Boyfriend Back

Get My Ex Boyfriend Back - Step 1

This first step is going to sound strange but you really need to decide whether you even want your ex boyfriend back.  Are you feeling pain because you are in love and want him back or are you just scared of being alone?  If you are sure you want your ex boyfriend back then you can continue on with the next few steps.

Get My Ex Boyfriend Back – Step 2

Spend some time reflecting back on why you broke up in the first place.  Do you remember what exactly he said when you broke up?  What kind of signs was he displaying in the days leading up to your break up?  Did he indicate you were too clingy or maybe that you had in some way let yourself go?  Was he hinting at wanting you to change?  That last one is especially important because if he wants you to change you need to decide whether you are willing to change.  I was lucky because I was able to get my ex boyfriend back without having to change much at all.

Get My Ex Boyfriend Back - Step 3

Under no circumstance should you  bug him.  Sometimes we feel like we need to show our ex boyfriends how much we love them to get them back but do not text or call him a bunch of times or you run the risk of screwing your chances up.  Instead, allow him some space so he can miss you.  It allows him to evaluate his life without you and this is often when he will start to  miss you the most.  Now, if you attend the same school this doesn’t mean you should go out of your way to avoid him but certainly don’t chase him down.

Get My Ex Boyfriend Back – Step 4

Whenever a relationship ends the one of the first things that goes through girl’s heads is how to make their ex boyfriend jealous.  Its tempting to flirt with his friends for example but more likely it will just make him angry and he might even think you’re acting slutty.  Its better to stay clear of these types of manipulation.

Get My Ex Boyfriend Back - Step 5

Try playing hard to get.  The last thing you want is for him to think all he has to do is wiggle his finger and you’ll come running.  After all guys love the chase so by all means give it to him.

Get My Ex Boyfriend Back - Step 6

Don’t involve friends especially mutual ones.  Often times we want to send a friend as a go between to find out what our guy if feeling or thinking.  This is a bad idea as it really annoys most guys and could even make him feel uncomfortable if he is trying to explain how he feels to someone other than you.  This is one mistake I made when I was trying to get my ex boyfriend back and it almost blew up in my face.

Get My Ex Boyfriend Back – Step 7

This is going to be the toughest one but should your ex boyfriend choose to date another girl do not be overly concerned.  In most cases these rebound relationships are short lived anyway.  I know it is tough but make yourself everything he could want in a girl.  Get gorgeous, be fun, be happy, etc and soon he’ll leave his good time girl on the curb and come running back to you.  Only this time, you’re going to have a little more control because he came calling not the other way around.

Now, girls, I’m not a relationship counselor and I didn’t start inventing all these techniques on my own.  Quite the contrary, I actually grabbed a copy of Seduce Your Ex by Jason Collins to get my ex boyfriend back.  I thought I’d heard it all until I read this guide.

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The Get My Ex Boyfriend Back Mindset

As someone who has been in your shoes I know what it is like to be totally lost without that special someone at your side. At least that’s how it was for me when I wanted to get my ex boyfriend back. I was willing to do just about anything (just about) to make another go. So, the good news is you are highly motivated and women are cunning creatures when we are highly motivated!

When I wanted to get my ex boyfriend back I started to take on the role of the hunter a bit more and allow him to play the role of the hunted. I know this may be tough as it is probably not a position you are most comfortable with. I can tell you though if you use the tools at your disposal you’ll catch on quicker than you think. You just have to be a bit creative. You also need to understand how your man thinks. If I hadn’t stuck it out I wouldn’t have been able to get my ex boyfriend back and I’d still be wondering “what if.”

We all know the natural role of the male is that of a hunter so he won’t know exactly how to handle you chasing him for a change. This is important to understand because guys have delicate egos and we have to let them think they’ve won even if they haven’t. You’ve got to play it as though he were the one winning the battle even though really you know you’re in control! When it was time to get my ex boyfriend back I was able to trick him into believing he was the one actually capturing me.

Use your knowledge of his interests and his motivations to set up your opportunities. Sometimes things change after a breakup though so you need to look closely.

So what I did to get my ex boyfriend back was portray myself as bait so to speak. I caused him to see in me the things that he wanted me to be and the things he couldn’t live without. This way he feels he HAS to have you back and can’t live without you.

Now, you have to be subtle though, you can just throw yourself at him and say “here I am, take me.” As attractive as you might be you just made yourself totally uninteresting. Flirt a little and let him give chase. Give him a little and then take it away but don’t take it too far away. After all out of sight is out of mind. If you do these things that I did to get my ex boyfriend back I promise you’ll see results.

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Welcome to Get My Ex Boyfriend!

Hey everyone,

Thanks for stopping by the site.  Rather than spend a ton of time telling you about me I thought I’d jump right in to some helpful advice I was able to use to get my ex boyfriend back when James and I broke up.  If you’d like to know more about what happened feel free to visit my “about me” page.

The first and most important thing any girl should know is DO NOT commit phone terrorism; you know what I’m talking about.  You break up and the first thing you start to think is he is out with another girl.  He might be and he might not be but blowing his phone up will only annoy him and make things worse.  Unfortunately, when I was trying to get my ex boyfriend back I didn’t heed that advice and almost messed things up so bad there was no repair.

The second rule I used to get my ex boyfriend back is I minimized contact.  I was so tempted to go back where he worked just to get a glimpse of him or over to our mutual friends’ houses to “accidentally” run into him but I managed to resist.  It is going to be tough no matter how you go about it, please make no mistake, but it’s very possible with the right strategy.

Please check out the other articles on how I was able to get my ex boyfriend back and let me know if there is anything I can do to help!